Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy 7 yaer Anniversary

Wow I can not believe that it has been 7 years already. Gary and I have had such a wonderful ride, yet at times i has been hard, but VERY WORTH IT. Gary and I met at the Glendora 6th singles ward, and ended up talking all night long... I went home that morning knowing this would be the man I would marry. Sure enough I did, and I SCORED!!! Since Valentines Day is so close to our Anniversary this year we decided to combine the both and GO BIG. So we got a babysitter for overnight and then made our plans. For the first time in 7 years we were going away and funny thing is we did not know what to do. So with the help of my sister we came up with a list of things which were Horse back riding, camping, going to the snow, snowboarding, staying at the Hilton, going on a helicopter ride, to a glass bottom boat ride, and the list goes on and on. What to do, we really could not figure it out. I really wanted to go snowboarding, I have never been and thought it would be fun, but did not want to deal with the crowd. So after all this thinking planning we decided we would do....... NONE OF THEM. Gary ended up making reservations at this Restaurant called Villa Nova down in Newport Beach. It is a fancy Italian restaurant. We had a table for two about 20 feet away from the water overlooking the bay area. It was beautiful, we had a romantic dinner and a wonderful dessert that was so yummy. Then we went on with our night to the Newport Temple and walked around. It was gorgeous. As we were walking we came across this spider and a slug and sat there and watched it for a while untill the spider finally ran away. We walked around and when we were getting to leave e looked over and saw three bunny rabbits on the grass and tried to take pictures of it, but it was too dark. Then after that it was getting late, real late and we thought should we stay down here or go home. No one was there why spend more money, so we went home, and enjoyed our night with no kids to wake us up in the morning or crawl in our bed. The next morning we went out to brunch, and then shopping and then to pick up our children in the late afternoon. We had a wonderful time and I am so grateful for my husband. He is such a wonderful man, and I can not imagine my life without him. I am looking forward to spending ETERNITY with him.
OH WAIT THAT IS NOT ALL. So we got married on Feb. 23 so yes my being pampered and being a princess was not over yet.
Gary came home from work on Monday and to my surprise had a bouquet of flowers(daisy's my favorite) and our favorite desert from Chili's. What a man. I SCORED. It has been an amazing 7 years with lots of memories made and can not wait to make more memories with him. Thanks for such a wonderful weekend honey, you are really my prince.

Gary and I at Villa Nova

Are yummy Soufle(?)

The spider vs The slug

The Newport Temple

The 3 bunny rabbits

Us at the Temple

My beautiful Flowers

The best dessert

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


HAIRCUT. I know can you believe that I have never taken her to get her hair cut, the only two people who have ever cut her hair would be Derick and her, but not enough to take her in, or even notice. (like Ava Anyways she did so good, and has been playing with her hair ALL DAY. I might go shorter next time, but I am very content for now! ENJOY

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This is what 11 grandkids ages 1 month to 13 years old look like just trying to get everyone to at lest look at the camera and not move. Very cute and fun.

My First Cookie

When Raegan opened her easy bake oven she go for Christmas she was so excited, here is a picture of her first cookie she made almost all by herself. It was actually good. She is so sweet.

Raegan tasting her cookie

Her little cookie

She is so excited!!


Well after one month or so I got it together and downloaded my picts and am now posting. We really did have a nice Christmas. Our first event was a Family Christmas party with Gary's dad's side f the family. We drove out to Mission Viejo a week before Christmas and spent time with his family from all over, as well as celebrating Aunt Zena's Birthday. We had so much fun seeing his family and visiting with them. We wish we could do it more, next we spent Christmas eve in the snow with Gary's brothers and sisters in Lake Arrowhead. YES it was scary going up the hill, but absolutely beautiful. We had a last and then on Christmas day we spent it with my family, and then we were off again to go see Lisa's side of the family. We spent most of the night with grandma Jean and Aunt Sandie and her family, and we had a blast. Overall are Christmas was great and all is well. We hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year, and may this year 2009 bring you all your hearts desire.