Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 3

Monday morning, we woke up hung out, Gary went off to take care of his foot, and met an old friend from Nampa, while Cyndi and I decided to go shopping. Her son Scott was nice enough to stay home with the kids so we could go out to lunch, do some shopping and try to find the Boise train Center, or station. We ended up getting lost, she almost killed us, but eventually we found it, and were able to have many laughs along the way! After about almost 2 hours, we ate lunch at this yummy place called Costa Vida(heaven) and they have the most amazing salads, and the best cilantro vinaigrette ever, we needed to get home soon, because I was going to be taking there family picts at Boise Train Station, but no before one More stop to Sports Authority to get Scott a birthday present, a basketball hoop! So we did that went home ate dinner and off to take picts we were! It was about 1.5 hours later and the picts turned out great! All in all a great day and night! Fun memories for sure :)

Great Family!

Day 2

So we woke up on Sunday morning, excited to go t church in Kuna, our old ward, and see all my friends. Church is at 11, so we got ready and headed out. Diving through our old neighborhood, really not to much has changed, but brought back alot of memories. Papa Murphy's, how I have missed you, and Chevron, I spent way to much money there. Paul's you are way to overpriced, but went so often. It was great to walk into church and see o many old faces, but sooooo many new as well. I was able to chat and see alot of people, an they are really amazing women, and there kids look the same, just a little bigger then last time I saw them! It was so nice to see everyone, and could not Wait to see them again on girls night! After church, we went back to the home, Aiden and Gary enjoyed a nap, and other kids played and ha fun. Dinner was here ate and Good night. Stay tuned for more!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 1 of our Idaho trip

Or I guess I should say night 1. We left Cali at 4:00a.m. and started the 12 hour drive to Idaho! It was perfect kids slept for almost half of the drive, and were really good for the most part of it. We got to Idaho right around dinner time. We were able to let the kids run around and get some wiggles out, ate dinner with our friends Scott and Cyndi, made my first Walmart trip, and off to bed we went! Woke up the next morning to Gary going to the Payette with Scott and he took Derick. It was so nice to have them go white water rafting. They had a blast, left about 9 or so, and go home about 7! It was a nice day to chill and visit with Cyndi. The little kids and I went to Cyndi's ward for a Pioneer activity. It was so much fun, the kids dug for gold, leaned how to grind wheat, made butter, cute little dolls, and Raegan's favorite was washing clothes. They made these cute little tin cans where they had to follow dots with a nail and hammer, well lets just say I did great job! We went to a craft store and then got out this great water slide and let the kids have some fun! After the boys returned they ate, and we put the kids to bed, played some games as adults and then off to bed. On the Payette Gary was pushed off the boat, and landed on a rock or something and it punctured the bottom of his foot. When he came home and I saw it, his whole foot was swollen, and it was hard for him to walk on! Poor guy, but he was going to be fine. Stay tuned for day 2!

Emma and Raegan

Me helping kids with nail and hammer

Raegan washing clothes

Raegan grinding wheat

Aiden getting ready for the parade

Raegan on slide

Aiden on slide

My sweet cute kids

Friday, August 13, 2010

Stay Tuned

Ok so I know that it has been way to long since I have posted anything on here, and so much has happened since last September so it is now time for me to either catch up, or start from now! So stay tuned to see! It will be sometime today. I am ready to jump back on the blog wagon! YIPEE!