Saturday, December 4, 2010

Maddox Blessing

My cute newest nephew Maddox was blessed a couple of weeks ago, so we went up to Lake Arrowhead to be a part of it! The blessing was great and after it we all went back to the house and ate and spent time together! It was neat to see all the grand kids on the Watson side there. So we took some pictures with great grandma, and of course grandpa! 5 boys and 2 girls! Shortly after the blessing my sister in law decided to move to Utah! We really miss them, and want them for our own selfish reasons, but they are enjoying it there! Here are some fun pictures we got of the kiddos!

Grandma with all her great grandchildren!

Raegan and Emma

Derick, Maddox, Matt, Mike, Aiden

Grandpa with all his grandchildren

Take 2!


I know that I am a couple of months behind on my blogging, but way too much going on to have some time to sit down and blog. So this year for Halloween we went up to Heritage Park to have the kids pick there pumpkins! They had fun holding the animals and posing for some fun Pictures.
We did our trick or treating at our Ward this year, and since I am on the activities committee, I was so busy doing that, that I got not 1 picture of the kids in there Halloween costumes! BUMMER! but all in all it was fun, kids got plenty of candy. the next night my girlfriend had put together a group of us in the ward who wanted to participate in house to house trick or treating, so we did and pile the kids in the car and rove from house to house, kids had a blast and saw many fiends along the way! It was a good Halloween, can't wait to see what next year will bring us!

Aiden holding a chick

Derick holding a chick

silly kids

kids with there pumpkins, they all
wanted small ones this year!

Happy Halloween 2010