Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Night

So our FHE was quite interesting last night. Gary and I had took the kiddos to the Pumpkin Patch, but not just any Pumpkin Patch, the one at Cal Poly because you can pick your own pumpkin from the vine and it is just cool, but anyways so as we were driving there MOM forgot to get directions because she thought she knew where it was and little did she NOT know where it was. So after driving around um for about 35 min or so we finally found it, and of course by this time Aiden had just woken up, and Derick and Raegan were yep sleeping. So as we are driving up the road we find out that IT'S CLOSED. I am so bumbed and at this point just want to go home, I am mad and hungry and trying not to take it out on Gary and vise versa. So we decide to go get some food. So we did and then Derick woke up and was so bumbed that we are not going to the Pumpkin Patch, so Gary and I look at each other and decide to go to this other Pumpkin Path my sister had told me about. Heritage Farms we were off, so we get there and it is 6:50 and can you guess what time they close, yep 7pm, so we hurried and ran up there and at least got some pictures and let the kids pick out a pumpkin, looked at some animals and I was talking to the lady and they do a Hay ride and all kind of stuff so needless to say we are going back on wed, and early enough so the kids an do all the fun things. So here are some pictures of out journey that night.

Derick holding a baby chicken

Gary and I

The Three Little Pumpkins

So cute!!!

The Family

Gas= $56.00
Pumpkins=$8.00 so far
Getting lost=42 miles out of the way!!
Not fighting with your husband= ALMOST PRICELESS
Pumpkin Patch with the Family= PRICELESS

Thursday, October 23, 2008


So it is TWO, My sister found out on Monday that she will be having twins. She is so excited and kinda scared to have two, but I know that she will do just fine, and that she out of everyone in our family is the most organized to have twins. We are just so thrilled for Ashton, and he is going to be such a great big brother and a big helper since mom is going to need it. CONGRATS MERRILL'S. What a great journey!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another One... or Two... Maybe Three...Possibly Four???

So today I got a phone call from my little nephew Ashton, and this is how the conversation went...
me: hello
ashton: hello is this lala
me: yes, hey ashton
ashton: hey lala it's ashton, hey lala guess what, my mom is going to have a baby
me: she is
ashton: yeah and i am going to be a big brother
me: oh ashton I am so excited for you, let me talk to your mom.
So after years of trying and not being able to conceive, my sister Kelly did the invrto, and after 2 long pain full weeks she found out today that she is going to have a baby, now how many..... well check back again in about a week or so and I will tell you. So CONGRATS TO kelly and her FAMILY. we are looking forward to your journey. we will always be here for you. we love you tons. CONGRATS AGAIN!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Comfort Kinda

So Gary got insurance through his work YEAH!! we are so excited, anyways so I made it a point to get all three of my kids in to the doctor just for a check up. All are doing well we found out that some kids still have some of the same problems that they have had for while, but it is very comforting to know that all is well. Last year our little Aiden had surgery, he had tubes put into his ears and to our suprise our amazing dotor had told us that that his tube in his left ear has fallen out. So now is going to be the big test on wiether Aiden's ear ill drain
like it is supposed to so it does not look like this ever again.(pictures are a tad gross, viewer disgession is advised)

So now is going to be the real challenge, will we have to deal with this for the next upcoming years of his life, or will all be fine? Who knows. We will just love him anyways.

Ashley's Baby Shower

So last weekend we threw a baby shower for my sister Ashley, we had a blast, we played some great games and had great food, and had so much fun. She is having a little girl so it is defiantly fun to shop and plan for girl since we all have boys. Out of 11 grandchildren this will be the third girl. We are all so excited and can not wait until little baby Brookelynn comes into our family.