Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pictures of Raegan

Here is a slide show of Raegans Birthday at my moms, and here at the house.

Taylor Swift

So my sister Ashley called me one day and told me that she had gotten 2 tickets to the Taylor Swift concert and the girl she was planning on taking got in trouble and could not go(she was like 12) so she asked me if I wanted to go, and I said yes. so My mom watched her daughter and my daughter and off to the concert we were. We got there and waited in line to get a shirt(it was so long) and these young wanna bees were trying to cut in line. Seriously that bugs me, after we were waiting so long, Anyways we got our shirts and hats and barbie doll for Raegan and then to our seats. I have to say she is really good in concert and we had a great time. Thanks Ashley for the fun memories, I love you!

Mom and her girls and our girls

Ash and I waiting in line


Being silly teenagers :)

the song with an interview in it?

It's a love story

marry me Juliet

Happy 30th Gary

So since Raegan's birthday is the day before Gary's he always gets overlooked, but this time since he was turning the big 30 I decided to go BIG. I had every intention and was in the middle of planning of throwing him a big bash, but he got really sick and was down for several weeks,so I had to settle for just him and I. We loved every minute if it. I decorated the house, and made his favorite meal on his actual birthday, and later on some of his family came over for dessert. We chatted and had a great time. Later on when he was feeling better we went out. Happy Birthday babe I love you.

Holy Smoke

Gary and his kids

The Family

Gary and Grandma Jean

The kids love Uncle Tim

My cute decorations

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Raegan

I can not believe that my little princess is 4! She has this sweet smile that melts your heart, and is still our little cuttle bug. We went over to my moms house had dinner, swam, and did a little family Birthday Party. She loves Dora, so we had a Dora theme. She had such a great time. My sister Kelly and some other family members were at target and Kelly told Raegan to pick a toy that she wanted for her Birthday... an it was so neat to watch her go up and down every toy aisle and look, and then pick one toy in the very beginning, and ended up with that toy in the end. We kept on saying ''are you sure you want this one'' So since Kelly did it I thought I would do it to. So Raegan and I went to Target and did the same thing. When all was said and done Raegan picked out this stroller for all her babies. The one she had in mind was for her baby named Bernice, boy does Rae love her. Well we are so happy to have her in our family, and love her very much. Happy Birthday Rae we love you!

My Princess with her new stroller

So Sweet

She will take it anywhere!

Done with First Grade on to Second

So Derick graduated First grade and he really enjoyed being at Allen. He had two amazing teachers that helped him so much, and we will really miss them. He is now on to second grade, and is really excited. Here are some projects from open house. After we were all done we watched Derick play with all his friends, dad joined in too.We are really proud of him, he is so smart!

Derick and Mrs. Boardman, and Mrs. Zalvadiar

A book he wrote

Them all playing ball

Derick showing me all his hard work