Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bigger the...


So my mom really wanted to get a picture of all her grand kids(the ones who were there) at The Picture People, so one day we went to the mall and achieved to get a good picture of 9 kids at the age 2-8! It was Chaos and fun at the same time, we had Megan's boy Owen who was like get me outta here, did not want to do it at all, Kaden and Gavin who did not want to sit still, and getting all the other kids to just look at the camera and not do anything else. It was crazy fun, but we were able to do it and the picture came out great! Not everyone was looking at the camera, and not everyone was smiling, but it was what it was. I do not have a picture to show you know, but I promise I will post as soon as I get it. We also did pictures of the kids. They all came out so cute, and we are all glad that we did them. While we were waiting for our appointment me and my sister Ashely waited in line to see Santa and got a picture of the kids with Santa! fun for them, and way cute picture! After pictures which took like 3 hours, we went to this place called Red Hot and Blue. It is a BBQ place and it was really , good. They were able to get all 18 of us in 4 high chairs 2 booths and a big table right away. Thank goodness because we were all sooo hungry. This place was cool because the kids could color on the wall, so it was a kid friendly place, and great for moms and dads! They had good food, and the company was not bad either ;)
They had these BBQ sauces that the names were super funny so I just had to take a picture of them cause it was a good laugh. I only tried one of them, and it was good. Good times today, good food, great family fun, and great pictures!

Picture of my kids! LOVE IT

Picture with Santa

Raegan coloring on the wall

Brookie Pie and I

The Sauces
I had Mojo Mild
hope the names crack you up as much as
they made me laugh

Monday, January 10, 2011

Santa Claus is...

coming to town.

Since we were going to be going to Texas this year, we wrote Santa a letter one night for FHE and asked Santa if he would come to our house early as Mom and Dad would not want to drive home with a lot of presents n the car;)
So indeed Santa came early! We woke up one morning to a cute little tree (that this year we let the kids decorate) with presents under, and happy and excited kids. We let them open there presents from Santa first, and then Gary and I after. Santa was great to the kids this year. They all got what was on there list, and were so happy. The 1 thing they wanted Santa did not bring them, and they were so bum bed out..... until they opened the gifts from us! The look on there faces was truly priceless, as this year they all got a DSI! For the past year or more they have been praying for a DSI by color, every time they sad a prayer they would pray that they would get one, so when Santa did not bring them one they were sad, but you better believe that we took the credit for this one! This is what saved our butts for the 22 hour drive to Texas! Here is a cute video o them opening there presents from us! SON OF A BUCK!

Our Tree

Derick's face says it all!

Pretty Kitty loves her car

Aiden, this toy is trouble:)

gifts from Mom and Dad


Day 1 & 2

So this year for Christmas we went to Texas. We knew it would be a long drive, so we prepared carefully, and packed wisely for space and room to move around since we would be spending 22 hours in the car over 2 days. We left on Friday the 19th at 5:00 in the morning. We headed over to my sister Kelly's house as we would be following each other. We started off getting doughnuts and yep a soda(if you know me that is a must) and off we were. We drove all day and at about 9:00 at night we were in Los Cruses New Mexico. We stayed in a really nice place, which I did not get any pictures of:( but rested well enough to be off and going again in the morning.We woke up, had breakfast, and were off for another long day in the car. We finally arrived at my moms house around 8:30-9:00 that night and the kids were so happy to see everyone, and to just be out of the car. Here are some pictures of what you do for 2 days in the car with 4 kids.

Watch movies

be silly


play the DSI

Take pictures of Mexico
on a side note, I had never seen Mexico
before so that is why I got pictures. It was
eye opening to see!

more of Mexico


These pictures were taken of the kids the night we got to the Hotel, and then the morning after the first day of driving! just some fun pictures to remember!

Derick, Raegan, Ashton passed out

Cousins, Friends after a good night
of sleep!

Best Friends

My nephew had a Birthday a while back, and I got the best picture of cousins. Landon is 7, Ashton is 7, Derick is 8, Aiden is 4! They are all so close in age and for the most part have a blast every time they are together. I snapped this picture and I just love how you can see there individual personality.