Thursday, November 27, 2008

Human Mr. Potato Head

So Aiden was playing in his room one night when we walked in to this, It was so funny, and very cute.

Where does this go??

Yay mom!!!



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My little Girlscout

So Gary and I decided to put Raegan in girl scouts this year, she is really not old enough to be a Daisy yet so she is the mascot or the daisy troop. she loves it, she loves to do all the activities and participate in helping her troop earn money so they can do fun things. She is growing up way too fast. Here are some pictures of one of our activities.

Raegan in her vest

Mommy and Raegan making her mask

Raegan working hard

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My New Niece Brookelynn

Introducing Brookelynn Ann

My sweet little Niece

My sister is a mom, WOW

her support Myrriah, Kelly, and me

Ash and I

Ashley's water broke at 5:00 on Friday morning and after a kinda long labor and delivery her sweet daughter Brookelynn Ann was born. She did very well and both mom and baby are now home and resting very comfortably. I am so happy to have such a sweet little baby in our family, and can not wait to see her grow up, and see my sister grow with her. Congrats Ashley, and we are so happy for you and are here for you always.
p.s. is she not so dang cute???

Sunday, November 9, 2008



I have been putting off doing this. Don't ask me why. I was tagged by Cyndi. List 5 fears, 5 joys, 5 obsessions/collections, 5 surprising facts about you. Then tag 5 people. Easy and fun! Here we go:
5 FEARS: Being alone, my children getting kidnapped, heights, snakes, death.
5 JOYS: husband * My three kids *friendships * extended family * the gospel
5 OBSESSIONS/COLLECTIONS: cooking food, vinyl, card making, Reagan and her hair bows, my weight.

5 SURP RISING FACTS: i will have to have more time to think about this! unless someone anyone can think of something surprising about me. ANY TAKERS!!
I tag well just about everyone has done this, so I tag my family, Kelly, Megan, Ashley, mom