Friday, October 23, 2009

More in September

So much more happened in September! Here to catch up!!
Sorry pictures are out of order! They start with the most recent!

Aidens first trip to the dentist! The picture says it all. We walked out of there with 4 small cavities that are on the molars. This is why my kids don't get a lot of sugar! (now)

Raegans first trip. Yes in the same day! Only way to do it. She left with 3 small cavities! She was great!

Raegan starts preschool. Her teacher Miss. Jackey, She is great! She has been teaching for like 23 years! At first Raegan was real shy, but after being there for about 3 weeks, she fits right in. She has 18 girls and 3 boys in her class. Fun!!

Mom and Raegan

Did you know that there is a day for Grandparents? I did not, but my sister Ashley did, so we celebrated Grandparents Day! We all got together and had dinner, and even got a professional cake made for them. It was like 30 pounds. Here is my dad cutting the cake!

Mom playing with some of her grand kids!

I helped the kids make Ice cream in a bag! I did most of the work:) they are enjoying it. It was good.

Cameron turnes 16. The oldest of all the grand kids! WOW 16! crazy

Aiden starts speech. Here he is with his teacher Mrs. Tina. He thinks he is so big now!

Me and Aiden

Aiden all ready to go. We even have the backpack!

My girlfriend had one last summer bash for we all went back to school. Here is Derick's friends Harrison, and Nathan! They had a great time.

Aiden did too!!

All of the girls

All the little girls having fun too!

And yes there is more, but I have to go get ready to take Raegan to school. So hopefully I will post more today!

Friday, October 16, 2009


I have not at all been motivated to blog, but as time just keeps on flying by I am realizing that I have done so many things and have had so much fun, here is what has been going on in a click!
These pictures are in no order, just over the past several months!

We went to this carnival with some friends of ours from Azusa. They had water slides, painting, hot dogs, and cotton candy.It was a blast!

The kids at the La Verne street Fair. This band The Answers were playing, we went with some friends, and the kids had a blast, dancing and playing! Good times

The Girls we went with!

Gary and I

Aunt Teresa and Raegan, she had so much fun with her!

Dad pulled out Derick's TWO front teeth. He did it!

All I want for school is my TWO front teeth!

We went school shopping at Office Max, and we got all these supplies for only 18 bucks. I was so happy. We had no coupons, so it was like awesome, I was so excited!

My three sweet little children decided to "tag" our back yard! I was so ticked off to come outside and see all my children with spray paint in there hands having the best time! Yes they all sat on time out for a while :)

Raegan has only gotten 2 hair cuts in her life. One being by her brother, and the other one professionally done. So she was due, and I decided to give her one. I thought I did so good. I will be her stylist from now on. Pretty girl!

Soccer season started, Derick is on the Tiger Sharks, he is number 2 and he loves playing.

Here is my Family at my sister-in-laws Bridal shower! We are missing Megan(wish she could have been there)

The only 3 girls on our Family, Makie, Raegan, and Brookelynn, at the bridal shower! So dang cute!

All of us including Shae Shae!

We went to the beach to celebrate my mother-in-law, we had dinner there and just hung out. I love my Family!

Jenny turned 18, so we celebrated her by throwing her a Family party at Aunt Sandie's house. We had a blast! We love you Jenn!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

June Recap

So I have been so crazy busy, and Face Book has taken priority, so since I am so behind and the kids are ll in bed I figured I better catch up. In June we celebrated Aiden's 3rd Birthday as well as Fathers Day. This year they feel on the same day so before Father's Day we celebrated both. My sister Ashley rented Aiden bounce house and this thin was so cool. It was a 4in 1 a bouncer, a slide a basketball hoop, and rope climb. All the Family came and we had such a blast. Thanks Aunt Ashley you are the best! W celebrated Father's Day as well. Happy Birthday to Aiden, and Happy Father's Day to ALL!
Pictures to follow soon(I have to download them still) :)

Derick graduated from first grade. The last day of school the brave teachers let the kids go crazy in the water and sand, they also had a class party and towards the end of the year they studied bugs and insects, so i made ladybug and flower cupcakes. All the kids were so excited! Go Derick you have a cool mom!!

what fun!!

Derick and his friends

my cute cupcakes

After 2 years of therapy Aiden finally aged out! He graduated from speech, occupational, and developmental Therapy! He has come so far, his speech has improved tremendously, and we are so proud of him. Saying goodbye to his amazing teachers was harder then I thought! Thank you for teaching and helping my little boy! Aiden will continue speech through the school district. He will do so good. Keep up the good work bud, we love you.

Marian his D.V. Therapist

Alicia his occupational therapist

Lindsey his speech pathologist

Derick took on to baseball and was very good! After 20 long weeks the season was over. here are some pictures of his team party. It was very fun. The younger kids had fun too!!!

Raegan and Aiden Having fun!

The baseball Team

Derick and Luke at his game

he got the game ball

make new Friends

My sister in law Jenny graduated High school. YAY we were able to go kid free and enjoyed her after party as well. We are very proud of you Jen.

Gary and I with Jen

Grandma and Jen

Carly and Jen

Aunt Karen and Jen

The Step Mom and her dad

Brothers, cousins, and Uncle