Saturday, December 4, 2010

Maddox Blessing

My cute newest nephew Maddox was blessed a couple of weeks ago, so we went up to Lake Arrowhead to be a part of it! The blessing was great and after it we all went back to the house and ate and spent time together! It was neat to see all the grand kids on the Watson side there. So we took some pictures with great grandma, and of course grandpa! 5 boys and 2 girls! Shortly after the blessing my sister in law decided to move to Utah! We really miss them, and want them for our own selfish reasons, but they are enjoying it there! Here are some fun pictures we got of the kiddos!

Grandma with all her great grandchildren!

Raegan and Emma

Derick, Maddox, Matt, Mike, Aiden

Grandpa with all his grandchildren

Take 2!


I know that I am a couple of months behind on my blogging, but way too much going on to have some time to sit down and blog. So this year for Halloween we went up to Heritage Park to have the kids pick there pumpkins! They had fun holding the animals and posing for some fun Pictures.
We did our trick or treating at our Ward this year, and since I am on the activities committee, I was so busy doing that, that I got not 1 picture of the kids in there Halloween costumes! BUMMER! but all in all it was fun, kids got plenty of candy. the next night my girlfriend had put together a group of us in the ward who wanted to participate in house to house trick or treating, so we did and pile the kids in the car and rove from house to house, kids had a blast and saw many fiends along the way! It was a good Halloween, can't wait to see what next year will bring us!

Aiden holding a chick

Derick holding a chick

silly kids

kids with there pumpkins, they all
wanted small ones this year!

Happy Halloween 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Goodbye Party at Panera's

So a really good friend of mine Alex in our ward was moving to Texas so what better way to send her off then to throw her good bye party. Well any excuse to throw a party, and my name is written all over it! Jessica and I decided to twist things up a little bit, and do it at Panera instead of a house, and it was a hit! EVERYONE who was invited showed up, and the party lasted all night! Alex is such a good friend, and her and her Family will surely be missed. I will never forget that one day when Alex called me in a panic, she was in pain, 9 months pregnant, and needed someone to take her to the hospital, so I quickly left the park, and we were at the hospital in no time! She had never experienced contractions before and this was only her second labor, but being induced with her first one, she had no idea what they felt like! So when we arrived, and the nurses got her all situated, she was at a 3, and in labor. Her husband was in Sacramento, and was doing his best to get back before his child was born! I was there for her when she needed someone, when she was going through labor, when she got her epidural, and when it was time, husband made it and was there to take over! I was at the hospital until 2 a.m. and sweet kyle was born, healthy and happy! The bond I had with Alex set our friendship to a different level. She will truly be missed! Good luck in Texas girl, and don't forget to call us ''hot tamales'' every once in a while! :)
We meet up at Panera and chatted, and ate yummy cookies, and yummy cake pops all night! Thank you to everyone who came, you all made it very special for Alex, and she felt the love!

All of us fantastic girls

The yummy cake pops and cookies

We wanted to get her something, so I came up with this idea to go old school and make her a candy gram! It was so fun and cute!

The back side

It was kind of chili outside, and we could not get the heater on, so we had asked for some help after many attempts of trying on our own, but the funny thing is no one could get it to work, not even the guy who works there! It was pretty funny!

Me, Alex, Jessica

Monday, October 11, 2010

Maddox is here!

Maddox David Fenn
Born September 22, 2010
11:34a.m. 7lbs. 7.7oz 18.5 inches long
We are so happy for Lani and Ryan. We love you guys and your going to make great parents!

It is Baby Shower Time

So my sweet sister in law and her great husband Ryan are expecting there first baby and what better way to welcome him into the world then to throw them a baby shower! Carly and I put it together, and it turned out so cute! We had crepes, and quiche, and yummy punch, great company! Baby Maddox is all set and ready to go! We had a blast, here are a few pictures!

The Candy bar

The diaper cake I made her

Lani with her gifts

We did a flower pot cupcake for dessert

The top

Grandma with the girls

The sisters

Gary thought he was bigger then Lani!:)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So back in the summer the we were at the beach for a yearly trip, and we decided that we should go camping, so we left Jon and Carly in charge of where and when and it just so happened that we were able to camp in Yosemite campground, so Carly and Jon left on Thursday the week that my kids started school, and we left on Friday right when the kids got out of school. We got there on Friday night just in time to have a snack and off to bed! Carly, Jon and Grandpa set up our tent for us prior to us getting there(thank you so much)so we would not have to do it in the dark! Saturday was a day of events, we woke up went on a little hike(little) close by our site, made breakfast, and were off to see the world! We went all over the place, we saw just about everything there was to see, the Half dome, the granite cliffs, the valley, the Sequoia Groves we shopped, ate, and enjoyed a lot of time in the car, taking photos, and each others company! We only went for the weekend, wish I could have had more time there, it is absolutely beautiful! breath taking, we all had a pretty good time, hard on the kids a little bit, but over all they ha a great time, I mean hat kid would not with hot coco, and making smores 2 nights in a row! I would love to go back soon. Thanks or the fun time guys!

Monday, September 20, 2010


so my sister Kelly text ed us on Wednesday(forever ago) and told us that her and Kevin had something to tell us, and to come over for dinner, but on Sunday! So we were all trying to figure it out, so Sunday comes and as we enter her house, my mom and Brookelynn are standing there! What a treat it is to see them, My sister Ashley let her fly down with my mom for 2 weeks! She said it was super hard and that words can not express how she felt, but it was great to see them, we did a lot of activities throughout the 2 weeks, but my favorite was when I took my mom and cookie out to breakfast! Here is a sideshow cause it was picture overload. LOVE YOU AN MISS YOU MOM AND LELE!

First Day of school for 2

So today was the first day of Third grade for Derick! He was really excited to get up and get going to school. He woke up and all of his stuff was out, and he got ready and off we were! Not a crazy morning, so I was very relieved. So we got to school and Derick was like ok mom see you later, can you stop taking pictures your embarrassing me, mom I know where to go, you can go now! WHAT, it made me kinda sad that he ok with it all. So I guess that is part of growing up, so glad he loves it and so far is doing well. (notice he is only wearing one strap of his backpack on one shoulder, we watched Diary of a wimpy kid 1 too many times) haha!

D and R clothes

looking good D

the door for the first day!

D at his desk

his cool backpack he picked out

So Raegan was a bit different, she woke u and got ready just fine, but once we got there she was like what the heck is this. She was a bit upset that her teacher was a ''boy'' but her daddy went to college with her teacher so it kind of made it better, but not really. We get into her class, and she put her backpack in her cubby #20 and then they were to sit on a color square! She had a meltdown, the picture will explain just what she was feeling, after just walking out cause I could not stay all day, after a while, they said she did fine! It took her a couple of days, but now she has made friends, and loves it! My sweet little kindergartner! Momma loves you.

Sweet Raegan

they do love each other

putting her stuff in her cubby

love the face

even better, dude if looks could kill

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 8 nd 9

Day 8
Today Cyndi and I went out to the craft stores, while the guys stayed home and put up the basketball hoop! We had such a good time going KID LESS!WELL I took Aiden, but he did well, Thank you guys for keeping the kids! After that it was time for my GIRLS NIGHT IN with my Kuna girls, so I got ready and off we were! Gary and the kids went an hung out with Mike and there kids! It was so good to See all my old friends and chat with them! Towards the end of the night when it was just a couple of us girls, and we were talking about how to pose to make you look skinner, and what your better side is, and ho miss America does it, well we had to try, and got Pict's at the same tie. Good memories and fun ties, well Brooke and I were posing and next thing we knew we fell on the floor! There is any more to the story, but what happens at Celeste;s house stayes at Celeste's house! right Brooke?!?! :) So here are some fun pictures of that fun night!

The Miss.. pose

The regular pose when your not thinking about it

The girls

Guys playing cards

he 4 of us!

Day 9
We went to church in Kuna today, and after Church we went back home and hung out and prepared to leave, we were going to be leaving at 4a.m. in the morning so we did not do much today! We woke up the next morning and off we went! We had so much fun in Idaho, It was great to see everyone again, and a big thank you to Scott and Cyndi for opening there home to us!