Monday, December 8, 2008

My Poor Aiden

Aiden had tubes put into his ears about 1 1/2 ago, and we just recently found out hat one of his tubes had fallen out. Well that can be good or bad news, and in this case I am not really sure what to feel. Aiden has had this terrible cough for about 4 weeks now, so I decided to take him into the doctor to see if it was like bronchitis?? or something like that, I know better to rush them in for everything... most likely it will be viral and will pass. So off we went to the doctor today, 1 reason being for the cough, one reason being that yesterday we were trying to take family pictures for our Christmas cards, and I needed some extra light so I took the lamp shade off the lamp, and yep Aiden touched the light bulb and fried his hand, so that being the other reason. So we were at the doctor, and all is well, no fluid in the lungs, no rsv, no nothing they sound good, but how about them ears, what is the story with those. So he has always had major mochos and still to this day he does it is NASTY, so I asked the doctor, you know he has been tugging at his ears quite a bit, do you think his cough has something to do with the drainage of his nose, and possibly his ears. So my wonderful doctor checked his ears and sure enough, in BOTH EARS there is fluid, which could possibly cause the cough, and nasty nose. They are all connected. So I am so bumbed because I kinda had a feeling that our journey with Aiden and his ears was not over. So now we get to visit the ENT, and have all kinds of hearing tests done again on Aiden(which requires him to be sedated) which freaks me out. His story is quite long for just a 2 year old boy. Those familiar with the story knows how hard the journey has been for me, but we got through it and I know we will get through this one too. So PLEASE if you are reading this pray for both of us, we are going to need it. I think more so me then him, but poor guy has gone through so much as a mother I just hate having him have to go through more. In the end all will be well, but through these time and this news life kinda is not so much fun. Oh how much I love this little boy, he is so sweet. We will keep all updated on Aiden and his journey.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What is wrong with PEOPLE

So this will be my first post that will have no pictures, but right now I am really needing some words because I am really feeling down. So this morning I was getting Derick ready to take him to school, and I made his lunch today, but did not have a drink so we got in the car and I went to dig in my purse(that yes I had left in the car story to come) and it was not there... so I reached in my change thing grabbed him .30 and went off to school. Well I knew that something was not right when I went to my car and it was unlocked.. just could not pin point it at the time. Well when I reached for my purse and it was not there I just knew SOMEONE HAD STOLEN MY PURSE FROM MY CAR THAT WAS IN THE DRIVEWAY!!! well sure enough I get home check in the house, check in the car again, and then PANIC. So I go back in the house and logged on to my bank account and sure enough charges have been made, I am so ticked I start crying. $351.00 to Walmart $6.00 at chevron, $4.00 at some fast food place $ here $ there but I as most upset at walmart yeah not cool. So I call the bank cancel cards here cancel cads here at this time I can not even remember what was in my wallet, purse/diaper bag. I am so ticked and mad. Why you ask would I leave my purse in my car??? So lets backtrack to my day yesterday. I was out running some errands kids crying, yelling I am hungry, I am tired I want out, running around to try to be home by 2:45 because Aiden has therapy, so I get home at 2:40 something, Aiden had fallen asleep,so I had to wake him up. NOT GOOD TO DO THAT, Raegan had to pee, and was saying it over and over again, and Aiden therapist had just pulled up, I was in a rush had no extra hands and on top of it Aiden had leaked through his diaper so I needed to get situated and quick before more happened, oh yea Derick was still in the car. So he gets out shuts the van door and we carry on with the night. Well I had no extra hands to grab my purse or my cell phone, no biggie I will get them later. Well not so much, the day went on and my nephew came over to play, dinner rolled around bed time and so on, and well I just forgot. Shame on me, so this morning when I went out to the car windows were cracked and purse was gone. what to do what to do. So after starting my day off like this I am done and it was only 9:00am now it is like 1:00 and I just want the day to be over. The police came took all kinds of info down, but one good thing is that we were able to track these people/person by the places they swiped my card at and when. So when the police officer was here he said if you are not going to press charges I am not going to take it any farther then this. Well if they catch them I will press charges so off the officer went to help me. So about 1 hour later or so, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. Do you recognize these people, they through surveillance cameras were able to know who they were. Police are the they are on a mission to find them now. Stupid walmart the clerk even asked for id and the girl looked nothing like me at all. Well so now the police are on a mission to find these people. Seriously what is wrong with people to stoop that low and steal someones purse in there car in the driveway. I guess I am soon to find out. Well that outcome of this is yet unknown and we will all soon find out, but I still feel very violated.