Sunday, March 22, 2009

Opening Day for the A's

This year we signed Derick up for Baseball, and we were so excited when it finally started. We found out that he would be playing on the A's and on Saturday he had his first Baseball game. We were so excited for him and were anxious to see how he would do, and if he would like it. Boy he sure loves it, and it shows in his actions. On Saturday he had to be at the park at 8:30 in the am, his team as long as every other team would be marching in a parade up to the field where they would be introduced team by team and then play games. It was a really neat experience for the kids. So all the teams marched on the field and after that the Mayor of our city said a couple of words, and then there was a guest speaker.. and you will not believe who it was..... ready... Tommy Lasorda!! YES he came to our city to talk to the little leagues about baseball and just went on and on, and not to mention this is a story. So as we were waiting in the bleachers I saw him coming so I grabbed Aiden and I ran in front of him to get a picture and he looked at Aiden and said t him" hey buddy give me five" so knowing Aiden he backed off and then this lady picked him up and handed him to Tommy. OK HE WAS HOLDING MY KID so I hurry to turn my camera on and and go figures it DIES. Oh MY GOSH, I am so mad. So Tommy says" hurry up this kid is heavy" and I tell him my camera died and he says well you missed your chance. I was so bummbed, I missed a once in a lifetime chance, but I have a great story. Later on that day at 4:00 Derick had his game and he is a Rookie and it is coaches pitch, the kids get 5 pitches and if they don't hit that they are out. So Derick was up to bat, and out of 5 pitches he hit 2 foul balls and then struck out, but the next 3 times he hit and got on base. He even made it home and when he did he just stood there. The grin on his face was priceless. He did so good. We are very proud of him HE LOVES IT. I uploaded the pictures backwards..sorry!!

Derick hitting the ball!! Look at his face

Him standing on home plate after just scoring!

My little A

Derick and I

Dad coaching Derick on 3rd base

The A's