Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yes I am still here!

It has been way to long since I have last updated, so here is what we have been up to in no order from January until now!

Derick turns 9, here is with his Aunt Shae
Uncle Brandon, and Bentley at Baskin Robins!

Jackson and Reece celebrating with us!

The Birthday Boy himself!

The Fam Bam

D-man and Grandma!

Celebrating Bentley's FIRST rock-n roll

eating yummy crepes!

Having Brookelynn come to Cali for a visit!

Planning a wedding with thee great people!

D-man and me on his actual Birthday!

making homemade cream puffs!

Pinewood derby with Boy Scouts!

The set up!

Going wedding dress shopping, and getting one! ONLINE!
Thi wedding will have it's own post!

Taking kids to the snow, what snow there was!

This is only in one month, as I am sitting here picking from the million pictures I have, I am realizing a couple of things, 1 I am way behind, 2 I take tooo many pictures, 3 that there i no way that I am going to be able to do this in one post, and 4 the fun titles! that I am brainstorming 5 I really suck at writing in my journal, and I do consider this one! 5 what I am going to do differently to not get behind! There is lots more to post, and lots more fun things we have done, and I hope that the kids will be good enough and that this movie that is babysitting them will allow me to continue blogging! For now this is what I have done, now the goal is for me to be able to catch up before school starts because I have to post the last day of school from last year! hahaha!

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The Stark Bunch said...

Hey there... Just stopping by to say hi... I'm trying to get caught up and I love seeing the pictures. Hope you guys are doing well. Miss you! Kids are ADORABLE!